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      二維碼 手機掃一掃

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      Product List

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      Products through the ISO9001 quality management system certification

      • Product custom

        Automation development product customization, the inevitable trend of ling as a professional supplier of servo drive products, we support product customization.

      • Stable performance

        We have been holding a persistent and steadfast, from product design, each link all have the corresponding quality control measures, parts suppliers and outsourcing partners for strict screening survey.

      • After-sale tracking

        The ling attaches great importance to product after-sales service.In the process of using our product you have what problem, ling for you at any time in the link of our technical personnel, to guide the installation for you, if there is mechanical damage we guarantee timely maintenance, ling in the serve every customer!

      • Product patent

        Ling to now has a number of research and development of patent.Ling in the science and technology has been to focus on innovation as the motive force of the production, has a team of experienced professional technical support and after-sales team, to promote the industrial automation industry as our mission, take the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center, to adapt to changes in the demand of industrial automation, digestion and absorption by strong demand and high efficiency of product research and development capabilities, adhere to the pragmatic innovation, constantly optimize the product function development of new patents.

      About us

      Concentration, thick, pragmatic, innovation, create value for customers

      Ling technology co., LTD. Was founded in shenzhen has been focus in the industrial automation control product research and development, production and sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Company brings together a large number of elite long engaged in the research and development in the field of motion control, persevere in for the motion control of industrial automation vendors to provide cost-effective products, because we know better products from pragmatic innovation.Ling in the science and technology in order to quality as the lifeline;In order to service for the soul,;In order to innovation as the driving force;Provide customers with first-class products and solutions, let every partners at ease use our products.Our company main products include digital stepper driver, stepper motor, closed-loop stepper system, the digital dc servo system, the integration of servo motor, multi-axis motion controller and special equipment system, etc., products in electronics, machinery, measurement, laser, medical, textile, packaging, LDE device, channel brake machine, advertising and so on hundreds of industry automation equipment in widespread use for a long time.And has been exported to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions.

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